The "V" Snack

"Serving only fresh foods, we are the only restaurant in town doing vegeterian and vegan food..."


The Khmer Gastronomy is one of the most diversified of the world. Let yourself succumb to temptation and come and discover an explosion of flavors and aromas. The quality and fineness of the Cambodian cuisine is a delicate example of the luxuriousness of Khmer culture.

Because Nature is our spirit, the ''V'' Snack is happy to propose you a large choice of veggie and vegan food. The Menu is a traditional Khmer menu revisited by our chef in a way to offer you a unique culinary experience.

The ''V'' Snack is made up of several spaces to match with your expectations. The roof top restaurant newly opened for more privacy and a pleasant sensation to stay between the trees.

Nothing to hide at Natura Resort! The downstairs spot has a direct access to the kitchen so you can watch the cooks prepare your meal.


Do not miss our take-away breakfast, lunch and refreshments if you plan a long day of excursion! 



Natura Resort - Riverside, Wat Preah Enkosei - Angkor Road, Siem Reap - Tel: + 855 63 763 980