The Salty Source

"A unique salt water overflow swimming pool with jets spa integrated..." 


What you should know about salty water… 

Renewed Vitality: salty water give the body energy thanks to its negative ions by regenerating your cells

Soothing Effects: the active substance which penetrate your skin has an anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect and thus well-being invades your body

Beneficial effects on you thyroid: iodine of salt stimulates the thyroid action and allows the harmonious diffusion of hormones

Detox cure: swimming in salty water allows the body to drain itself; the blood and lymph flows are stimulated that’s why your body can eliminate toxins and fight against water retention

Skin exfoliate: salt exfoliate smoothly dead cells and revive your epidermis, you’ll have a renewed and tonic skin


A pool side menu is available all day long to assist you in this moment of relaxation. 



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