The White Bar

"Relax around the pool with a special healthy drink..."

Come and enjoy a wide range of classical cocktails, spirits and wine at the White bar around our salty pool along with our special drinks created for your wellbeing.

Nature is full of special elements which will make you feel alive. With 100% natural products, our bar welcomes you to discover all the benefits of the Cambodian spices, vegetables and fruits.

Let our bartender surprise you with a healthy detoxing cocktail. The virtue of plants is not a secret anymore. With all the vitamins and natural elements found on our healthy cocktails, your body will benefit from an energy boost and you will even feel stronger and ready to appreciate all the aspect of the Cambodian way of life.



Natura Resort - Riverside, Wat Preah Enkosei - Angkor Road, Siem Reap - Tel: + 855 63 763 980